Honors & Awards

  • 2017-2020 Recipient of the University of Florida University Term Professorship Award. This is a cash award, paid over three years, to recognize and reward faculty for excellence in research and scholary achievements.
  • 2015-2016 Recipient of a University of Florida, College of the Arts Teaching Fellow Award. This award, which included $1,000 in discretionary research funds, is given on a competitive basis to selected faculty to encourage the development and implementation of new teaching methods in the classroom. My project involved having graduate students write Wikipedia articles on the history and philosophy of music education to further the students’ ability to (a) analyze the philosophical foundations of music education, (b) describe major historical events and people in music education, and (c) write in a scholarly style. The project was presented at the 2016 International Society for Music Education Conference in Glasgow, UK.
  • Selected as a participant in the 2009 Apple Distinguished Educator Summer Institute.  Among the professional development experiences engaged in was an extended workshop on Logic Pro, a professional music production software package. 
  • Named a Google Certified Teacher (GCT) by Google, Inc.  Participants in this present program are selected through a competitive process, based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, and their successful use of technology in educational settings (see,
  • One of 22 educators nationally who was named an M-Powered Educator by M-Audio.  M-Powered educators are recognized leaders in the field of technology in music education; a select group of teachers at all levels who are dedicated to the value of teaching music with technology (see,
  • Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).  I was selected for this program, sponsored by Apple. Inc., during Summer, 2003.  A limited number of education professionals from around the word are appointed ADEs based on their credentials in instructional technology.  As an ADE there are ongoing opportunities for collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information with leading educators who have a passionate commitment to the promise of educational technology in the classroom and beyond (see,
  • Selected as a Learning Fellow by the Case Western Reserve University, University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE). 
  • Two of my research studies are cited as important contributions to the field in Colwell, R. & Richardson, C.  (Eds.)  (2002).  The new handbook of research on music teaching and learning.  New York:  Oxford.  (My work is mentioned on p. 266, 268, 426, & 434.) 
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